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Carleton University, Ottawa, ON— B.A. in English with minor in women and gender studies, 2012

CARLETON UNIVERSITY           Collaborative Project Work

  • 2010 Designed the poetry magazine Speak, Hear website for a third year Canadian Literature class.
  • 2010 Researcher and interviewer in a published collaborative study of Canadian music reviews about CHARTattack.com called “Pop reviews set the stage for gender/race representation” for Professor Deborah Graham’s Media course. To find out more about this collaborative study click here.
  • 2009 Organized a Body Image Awareness activism event in collaboration with the Hopewell Eating Disorder Center.

CARLETON UNIVERSITY           Written Accomplishments

  • Nov. 2011 Proofread and provided a substantive edit of an English as a Second Language student’s Computer Science Master’s Thesis at Carleton.
  • 2011 Note taker for British Literature III course at Carleton.
  • 2009 Provided project planning and editing assistance for a disabled student at the Carleton Paul Menton Center.

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